Board and Train

This program is a 3 week program

 E Collar training

german shepherd fort benning, phenix city ecollar

This program is for the busy family that wants a trained dog but may not have the time to teach the dog.

It is also for the dog that has some behavioral problems that need to be addressed.

The dog will stay with the trainer for 3 weeks.  During that time they will learn to listen to commands and learn proper doggy manners.  After the training the dog, our focus shifts to teaching the owners.  We want to make sure you can implement the changes needed to continue the newly learned behaviors.  You will have 2 private lessons to make sure you are comfortable with the training and the tools.  The first is a 2 hour "Go Home" session where you learn the techniques used and get hands on teaching with the tools.  The second session is to answer any remaining questions and make sure you understand the program.  Afterwards you will continue to have support via phone and e-mail as needed for the life the dog.  It is our mission to make sure your dog succeeds.

So, what exactly will your dog be doing during his/her stay? From the first moment we meet your dog, we will be begin strict rules and boundaries. This covers behaviors like whining, jumping, barking, lunging on the leash, nipping, issues in the crate, and other manners. We teach basic obedience commands in order to help build a respectful relationship. Your dog will learn the basics of walking on the leash, sit/stay, down/stay, place and come/recall. We utilize each of these commands in our general day-to-day activities in order to add clear structure to their lifestyle.  Our e-collar program is state-of-the-art.  Everything is done on a low level - so low that most humans can't even feel it. It is truly one of the most humane methods of communication with a dog that is available.

We do everything we can to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to live happily ever after with your dog!

$1700 Price includes E-collar

Puppy Program

3 Private Lessons

This program is designed for dogs 9  - 16 weeks.  Because we begin training the  puppy at a young age we will prevent bad behaviors from starting.  We will discuss everything puppy. We want to set you and your puppy up for a lifetime friendship.  It is important to start young to avoid pitfalls and to create a happy, confident dog.

Puppy Training Chewing jumping potty training
  • Potty Training

  • Nipping

  • Chewing

  • Handling/Grooming

  • Jumping

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization

  • Stages of Development

  • Intro to Basic Obedience

$199 For Package

Basic Obedience

5 Private Lessons


This program is for the owner that wants to be involved in the daily process of training and has the extra time to invest.  This will allow the dog to stay in your home and you do the training. You will meet with the trainer once a week for approximately 1 hour per session for 5 weeks.  You will be taught training techniques to practice and have "homework" between each lesson.  You will learn how to be the leader and get your dog to look to you for guidance.  Your dog will learn basic obedience but more importantly they will learn to be more respectful and listen to your commands.  We show you how to add structure to your daily activities so your dog has a clear understand of what is expected of them.  Often times dogs get in to trouble simply from not understanding what they should or should not do. 

This program requires more of a time commitment from you but if you enjoy working with your dog and are able to enforce the new rules, this program is the one for you.  

*This program does not include e-collar training*


$399 for package.

 Advanced Obedience

3 Additional Lessons

Must complete Basic Obedience first

ecollar dog.PNG

Enjoy the freedom of having your dog off-leash!

Now that your dog knows the basics let's build on that.  Once you have completed the basic obedience program you are eligible for off leash training.  You will learn to use an e-collar to communicate with your dog.   

Each lesson is again 1 hour.  We can meet at your house or nearby park for the lessons.

Redefine your relationship with your dog.  


$430 Price includes E-collar



Working 4 dogs at the same time.  All dogs are learning to wait their turn and come when called.  Teaches them to stay calm and focused.

Leash pulling stopped in just a few minutes.