Are we a good match?

Working with me means you have to bring as much to the table as I do (and I bring a lot!).  I don't accept just any client.  You have to be willing to work hard and be committed to make the changes in your life that need to be made.  If you think you're ready to go the distance with your dog, then we might be a good match. By making a commitment to your dog you are building a unbreakable life-long bond.


I am A Balanced Trainer.  What does that mean?

As a balanced dog trainer I use "yes" and "no".  I reward the behavior I want to keep and correct the unwanted behaviors.  Some trainers limit themselves to reward only training.  This can be confusing for a dog and prolong the learning process.  By conveying exactly what you like and don't like your dog can quickly learn which choices make owner and dog happy.  Providing clear guidance and structure is what make balance training best option for teaching.


What tools do I use in my training?

I use a variety of tools.  I use prong collars and e collars on most of the dogs.  I will use food and praise to encourage good behavior.  I have been trained to use many different types of training tools and collars.  I base the tools on the behavior of the dog.  Whatever tool the dog responds to the best is the one I use.


Will the Tools hurt my dog?

No.  Any tool can be used to intimidate or harm a dog but I am very gentle.  I am always a gentle as I can be but as firm as I need to be.  I specialize in low-level e-collar training.  Dogs need guidance to understand what is acceptable and I am here to show them the easiest way to get there.  I will be happy to let you see and feel the collars that I use.



Do I use treats?

Yes.  At the beginning of training I use a lot of treats.  Then I slowly wean them off once the dog learns the command.    I don't like the idea of always carrying around a treat bag, and I don't like the idea that my dog will only be obedient if a treat is involved.  I want (and sometimes need) my dogs to sit whenever and where ever I decide.  This is why it is so important to have other tools to communicate to your dog.


May I visit my dog during a Board & Train?

Unfortunately, No.  Separation from their owner is part of what makes this work so well. The home environment and the owner can represent bad habits and in order to truly make the change, it is best for your dog to focus on the work and then be reintroduced to you when she is in a much more confident, structured place.