My Guinness has become a different dog after being trained! She does a fantastic job and I would highly recommend. It’s nice to know I have a pup that doesn’t chew, listens to commands and overall is more obedient.
— Colleen
Bark in the Park Auburn, AL Doggie Olympics Stay Contest 1st Place WINNER

Bark in the Park Auburn, AL Doggie Olympics Stay Contest 1st Place WINNER

I learned all the different methods of training so you don't have to


Hi, I'm Tonya Martin.  I started learning about dog training to correct bad behavior in my own dog.  I've always had a love for animals and pretty much let them do whatever they wanted until I noticed some food guarding issues with one of my own dogs.  While working on this issue I got more and more involved in dog training.  I've learned several different types of training. I consider myself a balanced trainer.  Each dog is a different journey.  I try different techniques to see which method they respond to the best.  Communication is key.  I believe dogs need to understand yes and no.  I use praise, treats and training collars to help with the training process.  Not all dogs respond the the same techniques so I customize each lesson to fit the dog.


 I attended a Dog Trainers Academy for 6 months where I become certified as a dog educator/trainer.  I continued my education by attending some seminars to learn more about balanced training and specializing in low level e-collar training.  I have done shadow programs with some the the top trainers in the country.  In addition, I have had endless hours of studying dog behavior and training methods. 

But what make me the best?  Compassion.  Nobody wants your dog to succeed more than me.   I love dogs and want them to be the best family members they can be.  I enjoy watching the dogs transform into wonderful, well-mannered dogs that are hidden inside them.

Tonya is an outstanding trainer. I had the pleasure of attending classes with her. she is very hands on and cares about using the right method to fit each dog
— Jennifer